Rainfall & Temperatures

The warm climate and daylight hours (approximately 14 hours in summer and 10 hours in winter) in Stellenbosch are paramount to the growth process of the Cabernet grapes which would otherwise not be able to reach their optimal ripeness

Average Temperatures

The average temperature in Stellenbosch is 16.4°C with temperatures reaching the mid-high 20s during the summer months. Although the vines struggle in extremely hot temperatures, the maritime climate with close proximity to False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean means that sea breezes that blow in off the cool water – mostly in the afternoons and predominantly from the south and south-west – provide the vineyards some relief from the hot weather during the summer months. The Cape Doctor, a strong and dry south-easterly wind that blows from spring to mid summer off the mountains, has less, but still some, of a cooling effect. 

With an annual rainfall of between 600mm – 800mm, Stellenbosch vineyards receive plenty of rain. The abundant annual rainfall means that, while there might not be sufficient rains during the summer periods, winemakers can store excess water for irrigation when necessary.