A collective of Stellenbosch producers to whom quality is paramount ∙ Producers through whom the legacy of our ancestors lives on ∙ We are the story tellers, the curators of Earth’s expression ∙ We are the custodians of the oldest soils known to man ∙ Aiming to shatter perceptions and daring to be bold ∙ We are innovative craftsmen, artists of oenology and masters of agronomy ∙ We are Stellenbosch Cabernet.

The story of the Stellenbosch Cabernet Collective begins with a tale of passion and creativity. Rising out of an alluring landscape, rich history, vibrant culture, unparalleled architecture and thriving business opportunities, Stellenbosch is one of South Africa’s most prominent wine producing and tourist destinations. Not only has this production given rise to exceptional quality and distinctive wines, but has also become a pinnacle point in the growth and development of the community.

Today, the region has become the focus of many profoundly adept oenologists and agronomists who use their unique African legacy and creative space to produce top quality Cabernet among other wines. A love for country, community and producing wine has given rise to a collaborative group of 35 members that desire to see this regions Cabernets performing on a global platform. Wine has, after all been made here since the 1600’s.

The SCC’s mission is to publicize the unique African legacy of the region’s Cabernet, which has until now, been largely underrated on an international level. The aspirational nature of the brand is portrayed through a precedent of inclusivity for all members of the Stellenbosch Wine Route, whilst upholding a strict standard of only the highest quality, achieved through a series of peer reviews. This standard ensures that the champion producers in the region are identified and that their bold, unique Cabernets are put forward for the world to taste and appreciate.

Through participation and facilitation of key events, locally and internationally, the SCC aims to promote Stellenbosch Cabernet, allowing it to compete against some of the world’s leading Cabernet producing regions. Participating in tastings and hosting an international ‘road show’ in influential cities such as London, Hong Kong, Paris and New York, Stellenbosch Cabernet will be showcased in its uniquely African form. Collaboration projects will see the SCC join forces with WOSA and SWR to help create international media awareness of the brand and its mission.


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