We are Stellenbosch Cabernet

A collective of Stellenbosch producers, curating the expression of Stellenbosch through Cabernet Sauvignon, joined together in sharing passion, discovery and knowledge. Together we are Stellenbosch Cabernet.


Why Stellenbosch, Why Cabernet?

As a region, Stellenbosch has the ideal soil types and climatic conditions to produce world-class Cabernet. Mild temperatures with enough sunlight hours throughout the day, well-drained soils comprising a fair amount of granite, shale and sandstone, and moderate rainfall ensuring that this noble variety thrives.

Why Stellenbosch, Why Cabernet?

The ideal terroir, expressive, visceral, and unique, was complemented by the skill of the Stellenbosch community of wine farmers whose viticulture and winemaking continue to craft world-class wines from the grape that is Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Stellenbosch Region

We live in a region where the Southern ocean’s winds collide with our mountains, twisting through valleys and softening our warm sunlight. The soils are ancient, and our Cabernets can encapsulate it all in a bottle.


The area of Stellenbosch, because of its diverse variety of terroir, has fondly become known in South Africa as the ‘Kingdom of Cabernet’.


With the rise of climate change and changes to our natural world, being sustainable is no longer a choice, but a necessity.


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